In 2018, Geoff Bottone read The Eye of Argon and discovered, to his surprise, that there was an actual story lurking beneath the misspellings and malapropisms of the original. With editing pen in hand, he set out on a lonely, and perhaps futile, quest to redeem Mr. Theis' work by using its foundation to tell an interesting and fun story.

Slavers stalk the streets of Salagena, abducting the orphans that live there and bearing them off to places that only the Saints' know. When her friend Graciela is about to be taken by a group of these slavers, Suzanna heroically springs into action to save her.

Alas, her selfless act has drawn the slavers' ire, sending her fleeing through the ruins on the outskirts of Salagena. Will she be able to escape their clutches?

As the Assistant Editor for Weird Meridian Magazine, Hawthorne Fischel has seen plenty of strange phenomena and talked to quite a number of interesting people and creatures. Tonight, at a diner on the corner of Eighth and Dunphey, he will interview a fear vampire.