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Boldly Go!

COMING SOON!: Don your uniform, strap on your rayser, and take to the skies as part of the crew of one of the Alliance’s finest starships. Travel to new worlds, encounter strange phenomenon, and navigate your way out of conflicts with other species using either roguish charm or two-fisted diplomacy.

Critical!: Go Westerly

This funny fantasy role-playing game is chock-full of singing pirates, swashbuckling rodents, a nationwide tavern franchise, and a school that teaches graduate courses in both swordplay and cookery.

Be warned, this game contains as many fantasy tropes as we could cram in there, and twice as many puns and irreverent references.

Live-Action Role-Playing Games

Dark Times

A game I co-wrote, which will start May 2019.

After an unfathomably long age of darkness, light and life slowly begins to return to the Shattered Sea.

Journey to a broken world, where the evil powers that you serve are the very least of your problems...