The Main Rulebook


The Game

Dungeon Adventure has been revised and rewritten countless times over the past two decades, and each time its author has learned a little bit more about game theory and game design. This version, which has been a long time coming, features an easy, intuitive, flexible rules system that will allow players to quickly create fantasy characters for one or more afternoons of dungeon delving or evil vanquishing. Comes with just about everything you need to play, including a fully-statted out introductory adventure! You provide: d20s, d6s, pencils, paper, friends, imagination.

Setting Guides

Navarre Front Geoffquest.png

Navarre and the Witchwood

The town of Navarre sits in the heart of the Witchwood, the kingdom’s most dangerous, and heavily-enchanted, forest. Its brave settlers have met resistance at every turn, from bandits, beast men, bloodthirsters, werewolves, the mysterious and capricious Spirits of the Wild and, most often, from the other settlements over which they rule.

Many adventurers have made the journey to Navarre, whether to outrun the misdeeds of their pasts, to pick over ruins and wrest treasure from the dusty tombs of the past, or to make the Witchwood safe for its inhabitants by driving out the fell beasts and Chaos cultists that dwell there.

PippinsWedge Geoffquest.png

Pippin's Wedge

The sleepy Township of Pippin’s Wedge sits nestled in a mountain valley on the westernmost edge of the kingdom. It is a place that adventurers often pass through on their way to more interesting places. But those that decide to stay in the township and look past its façade will find a place as intriguing as any backroom meeting of the Weavers’ Guild and as mysterious as any lost ruin in a mountain valley. For those who get to know the people and the places of Pippin’s Wedge, there is a wealth of grudges, hopes, dreams, deceit, monsters, magic, and adventure.

Includes The Colossus of Wedge's Crossing, a complete adventure!

Adventure Modules

Goodchild Geoffquest.png

The Goodchild

The walled town of Navarre, located deep in an enchanted forest, is known far and wide as a gathering place for adventurers seeking fortune and glory, as well as a hub of trade. Ruling over this small community is the much-beloved tailor turned magistrate, Penance Goodchild, known for his wisdom and his fair judgment. But something has happened to the magistrate, and it is up to a band of novice heroes to rescue him from his grim fate before he is lost forever! Along the way, they will contend with ghosts, cults, monstrous beasts, and deeds most foul.

Valley of the Winter Wizard Geoffquest.png

The Valley of the Winter Wizard

After an arctic storm separates you from the rest of your expedition, your party wanders lost beneath the swirling lights of the aurora borealis. You soon come upon a valley that, despite its location near to the north pole, seems untouched by the permanent winter that affects this lonely northern land.

Alas, all is not well in this springtime oasis! Can your party brave dangerous weather, deadly magic, and fearsome foes to save The Valley of the Winter Wizard?